Davie Mansion | Real Estate Photography

Davie Mansion | Real Estate Photography

Palm trees stood tall and erect firmly rooted in well-manicured lawn, alongside a cobblestone drive way. Now that’s the entrance to a home worth checking out. As you pull up into the driveway, you are greeted by a two-story, 3 visible car-garaged home. The details on the outside of the windows and door leading to the home, immediately gave you an insight of what the inside would be like.


And then you entered what was more like a mansion than a house. High vaulted designed ceilings with dripping chandeliers, delicate furnishings with a color scheme that complimented each other, art works that would have you swooning and purchasing at an art show, marbled floors and winding staircases with detailed banisters. The open concept of the home gave it a free and inviting feeling. There was no sense of inhibition. You were free to be, as you embraced the natural lighting that the floor to ceiling windows provided. The perfect window treatments were used to enhance the bright rays from the outside light.

Each room told a different story artistically and esthetically. As you walked from one room to the next it came together beautifully, without minimizing the details of the previous room.


The backyard was an oasis in itself.  A beautifully designed pool that lit up at night to differentiate the pool from the hot tub. Miniature-stoned bedded waterfalls. Lounge chairs, day beds and umbrellas, backyard dining tables and chairs, a covered cabana with comfy chairs and a grill. Spending the night under the stars in this oasis of a yard without missing the luxury found on the inside of this home was very possible.


Wouldn’t you want to own a mansion-style home like this one? We certainly would.

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