Grand Lucayan Wedding | Bahamas

Grand Lucayan Destination Wedding

Sonless + Miriam’s Destination Wedding in Paradise (Grand Lucayan, Bahamas)


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The weather was beautiful… it had not choice but to be. We were in the Bahamas, surrounded by crystal white sand, clear blue water and the warm sun shining down on us as the day greeted our bride and groom to be. Now the day had finally arrived. Nothing was spared and every detail was accounted for… from her hair accessories, to the matching stones and jewels in her shoes and clutch. Her makeup was naturally flawless as her beauty was enhanced into a classic masterpiece. Beautiful soft curls cascaded down her face to compliment her gorgeous headpiece and her tulle/organza gown. The gown, which happened to be her favorite accessory, nicely showcased her physique, offering a sweetheart neckline with a fitted bodice, a corseted back and trumpet style flair. This bride was definitely ready to make her unveiling to her soon-to be- husband.

There is nothing more vibrant and picturesque, than a wedding… on location… on a beautiful Island. Clear blue skies, warm sun, the sound of the ocean, beautiful people… all united in harmony and positive vibes, as they await their special guests of honor, Sonless and Miriam.

Cruise with us on this visual journey into the day’s festivities of this Island Style Wedding…

Nestled in her bridal suite, our bride Miriam was filled with excitement and anticipation. She had planned this life event from the moment her then boyfriend Sonless proposed to her.  She reminisced on the day in her own words…

“September 18th the day before my 30th birthday Sonless and I traveled to celebrate in Nassau, at Atlantis. Once aboard Bahamasair flight 222 I immediately fell asleep, I was awaken to the sound of my name being announced by the stewardess. I glanced out the window and then to my left to find Sonless on his knee with a ring, he asked me to marry him and I said yes! My reply was repeated over the intercom by one of the staff and the entire plane began to cheer.”

Well-groomed and dressed to embrace the theme of the wedding and the day ahead, our groom was all smiles. Amped and surrounded by his best buddies, it was evident that they all had his back.  Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see how this day came about. In the words of the bride…

“The day before Thanksgiving I was leaving work from our annual holiday party. Sonless was carpooling to a meeting with his coworker. While sitting at a red light in downtown Miami I was approached by a homeless man asking for money, instead I offered him the leftover food. Sonless watched and the gesture touched him, he offered me his card as the light turned green… Needless to say, eventually I called.”

Well aren’t we all glad that she called? And judging from the look on his face, he’s glad she called too.

One of the grooms’ favorite moment:

Groom: “The moment before she walked down the aisle, it was real! And I was at peace and completely in the moment.”

One of the brides’ favorite moment:

Bride: “Once we walked down the aisle as husband and wife and jumped on the golf cart and were greeted by Junkanoo. Also, dancing with all my family at the reception.”

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