Top 5 Headshots Tips


Tips on Corporate/Business Headshots

1. Come Well Groomed

Anytime you know you are going to be photographed you should always be well groomed. In the case of your headshot you should start preparing yourself a week or a few days prior to your scheduled session. Drink plenty of water a few days before and on the day of your headshot session; this will make your skin very hydrated giving you a healthy glow. A full nights sleep will also keep you refreshed and alert for your session.

  • Hair Colored hair looks natural after about a week of shampooing; if you’re planning to dye your hair it should be done at least two weeks prior. You don’t want freshly colored hair that may look too vibrant and unnatural on camera to take away from your face. Hair cuts, trim, tapes should also be done a day or two prior to your session. Your face should be the main focus.
  • Facial Hair  Beards should be trimmed evenly so its nicely groomed and presentable; as well as having a clean shave the morning of to look fresh and presentable avoiding a rugged look.
  • Make Up For any photoshoot we strongly recommend make up for women. Not because you are not beautiful but to find a professional make up artist that can enhance your beauty with a natural look. Make up automatically defines your eyes, eyebrows, bone structure etc… We want them to see you!
  • Nails Freshly manicured nails is strongly suggested. For men, clear or buffed cut nails, and cuticle oil will go a long way. For women, french manicures and solid colors are suggested; freshly painted a couple days before… chipped nails can cause a distraction.
  • Teeth If you want your teeth to look whitened this should be started well before your photo session. The goal for your Head-shots is to make it look natural and teeth whitening the day before can cause an adverse effect. You can also opt for retouching which will also be a much safer option.

2. Choose Dark Color Suits

Remember the reason you are taking Head-shots and the impression you want to portray to who will be seeing these Head-shots

  • Dark color suits like Navy Blue, Black, and Gray are suggested. For a corporate look you want to look as if you are handling business verses attending a wedding or a social gathering.
  • Choose a suite that is well fitted and flattering to your body type.
  • Men: Shirts should be a lighter color when wearing a dark suit; ties should be solid or stripped (patterns can be distracting).
  • Women: The same for men as far as selecting lighter colors with darker suits, and we also suggest choosing shirts that don’t show cleavage.

3. Be Confident

People read your body language even when looking at your photographs; with the right tips you can appear confident.

  • Standing up straight is one of the most important ways of communicating confidence.
  • Grooming is also an essential key to feeling confident… looking good and smelling good subconsciously has a positive effect.
  • Create thoughts of confidence in your mind and your body will react and display such confidence; self affirmation

4. Practice 

Preparation for anything we do is key, practice makes perfect. Although this is just a photoshoot, think of it as the first image people will see before hiring you. You know the saying don’t judge a book by its cover??? Nonsense! First impressions are lasting impressions and when prospective clients see your photo, you want them to hire you, you want them to believe you’re the person for the job; you want them to feel confident that they made the right choice.

  • Practice in the mirror!
    • No Selfies – this will make you anxious to see what you look like after every picture versus getting in the groove.
    • Facial Expressions – Serious, happy, boss, friendly, girl next door, guy next door, etc….
    • Poses – Crossing your arms, standing tall with your hand in your pocket, etc
  • Practice makes perfect!

5. Retouching

Just to clarify that we are all beautiful; we just have bad days. We do encourage lots of water intake days leading up to and before your photo session but doesn’t mean a pimple or two will not show up. Or we have braces that we just don’t want in our pictures. Whatever the reason is… Retouching is always usually available for an additional fee. Its not photoshopping to change the way you look, just used as an enhancement for a more refined polished look.


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