Horse and Carriage Wedding | Fredline + Charles

A Horse and Carriage Wedding | Fredline + Charles 

Jacaranda Country Club, Plantation FL.

     The day had finally arrived! Fredline and Charles were ready to say “I do” and share their lives with each other. The anticipation in the room was high to the heavens, but Fredline managed to keep it cool enough to have her face beautifully enhanced to “wow” her Prince Charles. The makeup artist applied the final touch and it was time for the bride to showcase her natural smile which was accentuated by her captivating dimple…effortlessly done! The cameras moved in on her prepping debut- hair, dress, accessories, shoes and veil (all in that order). While the bride was being dolled up by her ladies-in-waiting, Charles was also being attended to by his guys. No stone was left unturned and it was time for the unveiling. A classic fairy tale came to life when Fredline arrived on the beautiful grounds of the Jacaranda Country Club; being driven by a glorious white horse and carriage. She was a vision of loveliness as all eyes simultaneously gazed upon her. Time stood still for a moment… as the sight of the bride took the groom’s breath away. We fell in the same trance… just for a moment. “Last chance to run Uncle Charles” was the sign that the ring bearer held. But it was clear to everyone that Uncle Charles was going nowhere. This was where he wanted to be for a long time and the day finally came. As the minister blessed their union, they locked eyes and hearts and sealed it with a kiss. ​Presenting to you Mr and Mrs. Pierre. 

     Journey with us as we take you on a stroll of their wedding day from start to finish.

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