Nadine’s Mommy & Me Session

Your favorite photographers from AVD are back at it again shooting Nadine & My’Angels “Mommy & Me” photo session. After several months of planning and anticipation the day had finally come. We visited a few places around Fort Lauderdale to ensure we capture the essence of their different outfits. Nadine was going for an angelic summer look, a funky-fall, and a sexy/sassy look (that we saved for our indoor studio located in Davie). We absolutely appreciated the time Nadine took in creating the extremes of each outfit from matching the style to color coordinating the color of their nails; especially residing in South Florida we almost only experience our seasons as different variations of Summer. The weather was absolutely perfect… the sun was playing peekaboo, the wind was blowing at the perfect speed, the scenery was set and not too many onlookers. We wanted to make sure they were extremely happy since My’Angels birthday was coming up and mommy was super excited to be taking pictures of and with her only daughter. All the dynamics of Nadine’s  “Mommy & Me” photo session gelled flawlessly we were able to obtain different looks with our post editing. Talk about a photographers niche.  


Credits: AVD Photography (Tony Barreau, Michaela Lemoine), MUA: Makeup by Superspice

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