Miami Family Photography | Downtown Miami, FL

Miami Family Photography

Latrice’s Downtown Miami “Night” Family Session

Family time is important… especially when spent capturing special moments with a child and creating lasting memories. AVD had the pleasure of shooting this beautiful husband and wife team, along with their baby girl, right in the heart of downtown Miami. This was definitely an exciting experience for baby girl, since it was past her bedtime and she was in the company of grown folks. Like a pro, she worked the cameras and smiled on cue.
As for her parents- the night skies seemed to shed a beautiful glow from the moon, igniting sweet romance in the air. Cozying in the arms of each other, with no holds-bar. Perfection blossomed in the form of candid photos… it was as if they had the entire city to themselves. With the towering buildings and colorful abstract backdrops from the city lights, we happily obliged and allowed the lens to do the talking.
Deciding to cap off the night with a little bit of fun, our beautiful family happily strolled and skipped down the walkway as they occasionally swayed their daughter in the air.  This was definitely the highlight of her night. Basking in their love for each other, their hearts were certainly filled as they watched their baby girl bursting with laughter… memories that no one can ever erase… forever captured!
Journey with us as we visually unfold the story…


Credits: AVD Photography (Tony Barreau, Michaela Lemoine); Location: Downtown Miami

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