Rebecca’s 25th Birthday Bash at Midtown Plantation with AVD South Florida Photographers

AVD photographers invite you enjoy Rebecca’s 25th Birthday Bash at Midtown 24 in Plantation, FL; this birthday bash was such a classy event that we enjoyed partaking in and photographing. Happy Birthday Rebecca!

From Glitz  & Glam to Fire On Ice… what a night! Anticipation consumed the days leading up to this event; the word “party” wasn’t enough to describe such a hot and steamy celebration. Entering through the doors at Midtown 24 we became consumed by the fiery reds that draped the tables and wall, flamed ice sculptures, topping it off with white and a touch of black to add 25 year old sophistication. Ambient lighting set the tone while music flowed through the background; bright wrist bands at the door as guests start to trickle in. Fresh shrimp cocktail and cold cut wraps are a couple starters paired with a custom drink menu to die for.

The DJ suddenly stops the music and everyone is now all eyes on the entrance door. At this point I wasn’t sure if I was at a concert; she owned that entrance! The 25 sparkled on the top tier of the cake at the sound of 12am and we all knew what time it was. Smiling from ear to ear in admiration, it was indeed a Happy Birthday. It was time to get the party started!!!


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