Product Shoot with The Candy Room

Vibrant colors so rich you can literally taste it…
     Stack-upon-stack the supplies laid out: polka dots, candy reds, brilliant blues, vicious yellows, crisp whites, blue-black, summer grass green- I could almost taste the rainbow! Wide-eyed and ready to capture, our lens were prepped and perched; in walked the first model… Giving us the Fierce Flavors of “The Candy Room”.
     The studio was drenched with “everything fashion”: accessories to die for, sex in the city heels, and runway ready garments. Oh, and how can we forget the brigade that pulled it all together- wardrobe stylist, makeup artist, and hair stylist… as if any of this would be visually pliable without this amazing triangle of artists. Creativity was in full effect! The lights began to flash… silence faded to the sounds of music which penetrated the models on set, creating an energy that only a trained photographer could capture. The story of the day’s event has been translated on screen…
Let’s visit “The Candy Room.”
Artistic Vision & Design, Inc
Artistic Vision & Design, Inc 10 x 20 - 2 Artistic Vision & Design, Inc
Artistic Vision & Design, Inc
10 x 20 - 4 Artistic Vision & Design, Inc
Shoot Credits:Wardrobe Stylist (Tonita Lowe), Makeup Artist (Xochilit Salinas) and Hairstylist (Loyin Fletcher).
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